Hello and Welcome Home as Discovery Life is launching for you! Regardless of your life story so far - God has a future for you as you belong here. It is time to RESTORE HOPE by Going Deeper, Wider, and Stronger for our community!


God specializes in making the impossible possible!




Kevyn and Melissa Bryant met and were married in Montgomery, Alabama right after high school.  They're the loving parents of Kevyn II (his wife Shatonya), Kaylun (his wife Monique) and Summer.  Plus they have baby-grands in Kayleigh and Khloe.  They have served as ministers and pastors in small to mega churches across the U.S.  Kevyn and Melissa possess an affectionate passion for their home Central Florida and in helping to lead people of all colors from where they are to where God wants them to be.



From the Pentagon to the Pulpit

To bring a shift to Central Florida through a new life-giving church...

A dream for the lost

A dream for the forgotten

And a dream for stuck to live beyond the limits of right now.

But things were not always a dream. As a child, Pastor Kevyn was picked on for his speech impediment.  It was hard for him to pronounce words.  He even had a 7th grade teacher tell him to forget about college.  But look at God!! Won't He do it?


Fast forward and Kevyn is a Senior Army Officer in the Pentagon, leading 10,000 people and a $800 million dollar budget. It was in the Pentagon that God gave him a vision: people are living lives beneath what I have for them and they don't even know it.  It's from this vision that Kevyn and Melissa (left the Army) moved to Florida and are excited to help bring hope at a time where hope is so desperately needed.

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